Thursday, August 11, 2011

Preschool, Here We Come!

Tomorrow, both kids will pack up their bookbags and head to preschool. Charlee's been there for two years, so it's nothing new to her (other than a new teacher and classroom), but this is Barrett's first rodeo! Momma and babies are SO EXCITED! I know what you're thinking.....Preschool? At 19 months old? Yes, preschool. I, too, always thought preschool began at age 4, but it apparently means any age before school-age (DUH! - Ha!). As I've told people about Barrett starting "school", I've gotten the same question multiple times.....What are you gonna do for 3 hours everyday while they are both in school? While I normally just say, "Whatever I want!", the real answer is this.....

Clean my house.
Clean my car.
Organize my kitchen.
Organize my kids' rooms.
Organize my closet.
Organize my life.
Tend to my garden.
Fold the laundry.
Restart my running regimen.
Spend more time in The Word.
Pray more.
Plan for Pampered Chef shows.
Mow the yard.
Clean out the flowerbeds.
Learn Spanish for my upcoming mission trip. (I'm going to Costa Rica in January!!!!)
Payroll and accounting for my FIL.
Dust off the sewing machine.
Coordinate my Mothers of Preschoolers group.
Minister to Moms.
Plan decorations for our Church's Women's Retreat.
Find Chandler's camera that's been missing for 2 mos. :(
Clip coupons.
Plan coupon shopping trips.
SHOP WITHOUT CHILDREN IN THE BUGGY! (I'm a little excited about this one.)
Plan and execute more random acts of God's love.
Clean out my inbox. 382 messages is TOO many.
Get my teeth cleaned.
Get my hair cut.
Spend a morning with my man (if his schedule will ever allow).

You know, all the things you can't do with a 3 and 1 year old around. ;) WHEW! I'm gonna be exhausted by noon! Maybe I'll add a day of doing absolutely nothing in there somewhere. :)