Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Day ~ October 23rd (or sooner)!

Welp, the C-Section is on the Doc's books, and unless this little one decides to come earlier than 39 weeks and 1 day (both of his/her siblings were earlier), then we'll have a new addition on October 23rd!  This little pumpkin should be here in time to score some Halloween candy for his/her momma.  :)

I'm 34 weeks and am still feeling pretty good.  I must say, I haven't had this good of sleep in a pregnancy ever.  It may have something to do with my finding out this time around that Tylenol PM is safe to take while pregnant.  I'm not taking it EVERY night, but it does help on those nights when I know I wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise.  It lasts a lot longer than Benedryl, too, which is what I've used in the past.  Not sure why since they have the same sleep-inducing ingredient, but maybe it's time-lapsed or something.  I've quit keeping up with my weight.  Okay, so maybe I haven't, but let's just say I'll likely gain more this time around than I did with the others.  I'm still okay with that.  At my last appointment, my doctor looked at my chart and said that everything looked good despite the "excessive weight gain".  He said that he isn't worried about it at all because I look healthy and my blood pressure is excellent.  My kind of doctor!  :)

We have scribbled a few names on our list in pencil, but haven't set our minds on any of them yet.  Still haven't found THE name yet, I don't think.  We've got plenty of time, and I have no doubt that this baby will leave the hospital with a precious name.  Gotta check that baby out (and its gender) before we settle on a name.  Charlee's name choices are Carly for a girl and Jake Castle Cookie for a boy.  Can you tell what shows we like?  (iCarly and Jake and the Neverland Pirates)  Cookie is the name of her stuffed dog that she decided to throw in there.  These names are actually a step up from her previous choices ~ Charlee for a girl and Barrett for a boy.  So original.  Almost as original as Barrett's choices of Girl for a girl and Boy for a boy.  :)  This week, I'm leaning towards it being a girl, mainly because I feel like I'm carrying more like I did with Charlee than Barrett.  I'm also getting swollen ankles and feet and heartburn that are more reminiscent of my girl pregnancy.  I really have no clue, though.  I go back and forth all the time.  Guess we'll know for sure in a few short weeks!

I finally started feeling this baby's hiccups a few weeks ago.  With C & B, I felt them all the time from pretty early on.  I don't know if I was just too busy to notice this time, or if this baby just isn't that gassy, but it was almost 32 weeks before I felt them.  Baby hiccups are definitely one of my very favorite parts of pregnancy. 

We're getting down to the wire, and we still can't decide where everyone's going to sleep in our three bedroom house.  I'm also perplexed on how to set up the car seats in the van.  Too many choices!  A blessing for sure, but not very easy for this indecisive momma.  Barrett climbed out of the crib for the very first time this past weekend, so that answered the question of moving him out of it.  Charlee has a double bed, so we had them sleep together a couple of nights ago, but Charlee was not happy about it and I had to lay in there with them for almost an hour until Barrett finally stopped tossing and fell asleep.  I think we may convert the crib to a toddler bed just to see how he does and then go from there.  Baby will be in the pack n play in our room for a couple of months anyway, and I've resigned myself to being done with sleep for who knows how long now that there will be three little ones in my house.  We'll see how it goes. 

I was getting very worried about how Barrett was going to handle all of this a couple of weeks ago.  He had a not-so-good week and was driving me batty, so I was very overwhelmed about how I was going to handle a newborn and him.  I'm pretty sure some sweet friends must have prayed for me in my frazzled state, because the last week or so has been SO much better.  Not to say he won't flip when baby comes home, but I feel a little more confident about being able to handle it.  Lots of changes coming around this place very, very soon!  :)

And, belly shots...... yes, I'm well aware that the face/neck are growing at the same rate as the belly.  Ha!

29 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks

33 weeks
(4-year-old photographer)

34 weeks

Should have at least one more update before Castle baby #3 arrives!