Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ask and it shall be given unto you

I had every expectation that this blog page would have been removed by now. I mean, it's been THAT long! Sorry about that. I know you've been on pins and needles wondering how those crazy Castles have been. ;) Oh, you haven't? Well, indulge me anyways, please. Ha!

We survived the holiday season ~ yes, the "holiday" season. I can say that and not mean a politically correct description of Christmas because our holiday season DOES include Christmas, but it also includes an anniversary and two birthdays. All within 3 weeks of each other. We're crazy, I know. Anyways, we survived the season, and had a wonderfully exhausting time celebrating our marriage, our 2-year-old, our 4-year-old, and most importantly our King's birth. I will (hopefully one day) get around to posting at least pictures about these wonderful events. That's actually why I haven't blogged in so long. I got a touch overwhelmed with how far behind I had gotten. I gave in, though, and am just going to start with today and fill in where I can.

Back in January, I was so blessed to be a part of a mission team from my area that went to Upala and Cana Morena Costa Rica. That will be another post that I'll (hopefully) get around to writing. On the trip, though, God showed me that He wanted me to be uncomfortable and concerned for a dear friend of mine. I don't know where she stands and what kind of relationship (if any) she has with Christ. It hurts my heart because I am a big ole fat coward and won't just ask. Anyways, I felt the pressure while I was there, and ever since I returned home I haven't known what to do or how to handle the delicate, yet highly important, issue. It's funny, because it's taken me almost two months to realize that it's not up to me to do anything. I've been trying to figure out what "I" can do, how "I" can approach it, but haven't cracked through my thick skull to realize it's not about me and what I should or could do. Today I focused on a verse in James that says to simply ASK GOD for wisdom. You've got to have full faith and belief that He will give it to you, though, or there's no point even asking. That really sunk in today, and I realized that I've been trying to figure out what I can do and how I can approach the subject, but it's not about me and anything I may or may not be capable of doing. It's all up to Him. So, I asked God today. I asked for full wisdom in the situation and what I should do. Later, I heard a quote from Tim Tebow about his transition to the NY locker room. The reporter asked him how he would share his faith in a place like New York, and how he would share his faith in the locker room. He basically said his faith is his life and he would live it no matter where he is. It's who he is, not words that he would say. So, while I've been trying to figure out what I would say, how I would bring up the subject, I feel like God is telling me to live out my faith in Him and that He'll do the rest. Am I saying there's not a time when we speak it, witness, whatever you want to call it? Absolutely not. But, if we are close to someone, then our number one way to share our faith is by living it out, not hounding them with twenty questions about where they stand with God and then turning around and living a life of the world. If they see in us something they want for themselves, then can't God use that to start an amazing thing for them? And, again, who am I to do anything remarkably close to saving someone on my own accord? The Holy Spirit is the only one who can save us, transform us, and make us new. I don't play any part in that other than being a vessel that God can use. I pray I'm that vessel and that God will use me in spite of my inadequacies. Oh, what a large responsibility to open yourself up to be used by God. But, oh what deep and wide rewards He will bless you with! And, you're never at it alone. Never. He is always with you. Beautiful promise right there, and I cling to it daily.

So, dear friend who's out there, and will remain nameless.......my prayer is that God will shake your very core with a thirst for His truth and that He will prick your heart with His Spirit so that you'll never be the same. Because I love you, and I know that you're are an amazingly awesome, good person, but that's just not enough without Christ's saving grace.

Whew! I feel better now that I've blogged. :)