Wednesday, September 15, 2010

V'Room V'Room

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest 10-year-old boy I know, my nephew Justin!! Also, welcome to the world, Eli and Zac! You share a birthday with a pretty awesome 10-year-old. :)

The running went a little better today. A LITTLE. I still only got up to 1.8 miles. My phone app told me I was supposed to start the cool down as I was driving away in my car. The app told me I finished my workout as I was leaving the Chick Fil A drive-thru. Ha! I don't know why, but I am always starving after a morning run. I even ate a light breakfast before leaving the house, but still HAD to get some chicken minis. Mmmmmmm. They were good! I mean, I just ran almost 2 miles so I can have them, right? During my run, I was able to push the stroller with one hand (there's a wrist strap in case I lose control so that the baby doesn't go flying if I fall on my face) and pump my other arm. There's just something about pumping your arms while you run that makes it easier! The heat of the morning and the sun beating down doesn't make it very easy when you're used to night running, but I'm confident that these hot days are going to end soon and fall will finally grace us with its presence! Let's hope, anyway. :)

For those of you who are thinking, WOW! That Charlee sure was fast to potty-train! Let me just say that I haven't mentioned it because I'm really hoping that her "accidents" will stop soon. She is just not a fan of pooping in the potty. She goes some, mainly when her daddy is home and I've run to the store or something ~ what the heck is that about??? I, on the other hand, change poopie panties every other day usually. Except yesterday when her teacher got the privilege of changing her. (Sorry, Ms. Chastity!!) We'll continue to work on it.

Today as I was driving along, I started thinking about cars. I was driving, so of course cars would be an obvious thought, right? Ha! Anyway, I was thinking about how I don't usually associate cars as having people behind the wheel. You know, "That truck ran me off the road!", or "Come on obvious retired person's car ~ get out of the fast lane!" I occasionally suffer from road rage. Especially when drivers aren't paying attention to the road. My repayment for my rage was to marry a man who is the worst driver in America. :) I'm really doing a lot better. I really try hard to control my frustrations with other drivers because I don't want my kids to see or hear it and learn an inappropriate way to react. Have you ever gotten mad at another car only to realize that you know the driver? That's the worst! In my efforts to be kind to others and to show God's love, I have almost forgotten about all of the people I encounter on the road every day.

Another thing about cars that I've always had to remind myself of is that we too often make incorrect assumptions about people based on the car they drive. I drove a Toyota Corolla for 10 years before getting a new car. I'm sure people thought I was struggling to make ends meet when they saw me roll down the window to open the door because the inside handle had fallen off. :) The truth of the matter is that we paid that thing off and it was a good car that got us where we needed to go. We could have afforded a new one, but why? Do you know how nice it is to not have a car payment? I do! Another incorrect assumption is when you see someone drive up in that brand new ________ (insert expensive brand of car here.) What do we all think? Come on ~ you know you do. "Wow! They must be loaded!" I realize that some of those people really are well-off, but some of those people are more than likely upside-down in debt and struggle to make ends meet. It always amazes me to see brand new rides pull up to houses in the projects or to trailer parks. Not that there is anything wrong with living in either of those, but it is again an assumption made on my part that priorities are set in the car, not the home. I worked with someone once who drove a brand new high-end car and everyone always said, "Wow! They must be paying her the big bucks!" Turns out she won the car in a giveaway! Dave Ramsey posted a statistic on his facebook page a month or so ago that said that the majority of millionaires, when polled, said they drive a $30,000 car. There are all types of other assumptions about cars that we come up with. Much like assumptions we make about people, these are our humanized minds' way of pushing us farther away from the love we should be sharing with all of God's people. Labels, stereotypes, mis-assumptions. They're soooooo incredibly difficult to steer away from. I pray everyday that God would help me in this area. It is an everyday struggle that will never get easier unless I have divine intervention. I am so blessed to have that intervention!!! How else would I ever make it in this world without becoming like the world?

Off to change a poopie diaper...... :)

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