Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't blink...

So, Barrett finally decided he wanted to start using his feet for something other than grabbing toys. About a month ago, at 13 months, he finally started taking his first steps. Charlee started walking at 11 months, and Barrett has always been a little behind where she was developmentally. I wasn't worried about him at all ~ he is a boy afterall, and boys are just slower, right? I knew he'd get around to it in his own time. I also knew that as soon as he started walking, he'd take off and not look back. Any extra amount of time that I didn't have to worry about chasing him was fine by me. He's been almost sprinting all day today! More like my sprint, so, not very fast, but still running. Ha! He is so stinkin' cute! He idolizes his big sister, and it is so much fun to watch them play together. He does have quite the temper, though (I'm pretty sure that's a Castle trait he inherited), and he will SCREAM if he doesn't get his way. Take the remote away from him and it's over. Silly kid! He has been talking a lot ~ when the garage door goes up, he hurries over to the kitchen door and says, "Da-Da, Da-Da, Da-Da!" He says "Ma-Ma" when he's in his crib and ready for me to come get him. He also says, "Look" and "That" almost constantly with his little, fat index finger pointing up. Soooooo sweet! This week, he started saying, "Uh-oh". I'm pretty sure that's my favorite to hear him say. I love it! :) Barrett is still a mini-Chandler, but I am starting to finally see some glimpses of me in him. For a while there I wondered if I was really his mom. Ha! B's hair is still orangey red. I think it's a little brighter than Charlee's was at that age, but not much. I think I hear at least one person tell me everyday (at least when I leave the house ~ ha) that he/she loves his hair. I've almost memorized my response ~ "My 3-year-old's hair was the same color and is blonde now, so we don't know if his will change or stay the same." :) The hair that grew into his bald spot is a lighter, blonde color. We shall see! He definitely has the fiery temper of a red head ~ at least that of SOME, not all redheads ;)

Here is Charlee when she was 14 or 15 months with her bright red hair! She still loves nail polish, too. :)

Charlee bug is growing like a weed! Her 3T jeans are all getting too short, so I'm pretty sure she's grown taller since the beginning of the winter. Slow down, baby girl! Oh, I'm sorry ~ Slow down, BIG girl! She always corrects me when I call her "Baby". I have to remind her time and again that she'll ALWAYS be my "baby big girl". :) She is just growing up way too fast! Don't blink, right? She absolutely loves school and loves her friends. Her little brother will be joining her at school next year, too! It can't come soon enough ~ that boy gets MAD when I drop her off and don't let him stay and play! Ha!

Here are Charlee and her friends at her best friend Jillian's birthday party.

I'm getting very excited about my 30th this month! Crazy to be excited about entering an older decade, huh? I'm trying not to think about THAT part of it. You're only as young as you feel, right? Well, I still call my peers "girls" and still feel weird being called a "woman", so that translates to me being about 21, right? I'll go with it anyway! Ha! Oh how different life was in THOSE days! I was reminded of it a bit this past weekend at a sorority reunion. It was great to see some old friends, and it was also great to be of the YOUNGEST women in the room! Ha! A decade worth of pledge classes were invited, and mine was the youngest. So, who says I'm getting old? I'm not saying it. I've started making my list of the 30 things I'll do on my birthday. I'm still thinking of what to call my day, though. My acts won't really be "random", since I'll have them calculated and detailed for the most part. I guess the receipients will be random, though. Most of them anyway. I can't wait to tell you some of the things I'm going to do! I can't yet, though. It's a surprise to a few special people! SHHHHH ~ don't tell! ;)

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