Friday, June 29, 2012

Belly Blue....or Pink!

I didn't ever do it with my other pregnancies, so I thought I'd do the belly pic thing this time around.  I've been trying to take one every week since week 18, but my photographer was out of town one week.  It's funny how much bigger you feel than what you actually look like.  I guess that's a good thing??  I'm not scared at all to admit my weight gain to date, though:  25 lbs.  Yep, I enjoy my time as a pregnant woman as much as I can.  Well on my way to the normal 50 I put on with both of the others.  It all came off, though, so that's what matters, right?  :)
The heartburn is starting up a bit so I'm having to watch what I eat in that respect.  Pretty glad I stocked up on all of that 99cent Zantac when I had the coupons for it.  It's funny how your cravings work differently with each pregnancy.  With Charlee, it was salty chips, Mug RootBeer, and Chic fil a chicken minis.  With Barrett, s'mores, chicken minis, sandwiches, and Hardee's biscuit & gravy.  This time, McDonald's sausage biscuits, potatoes of any kind, and I would eat an original chicken sandwich from Burger King every day if I let myself.  I haven't even eaten at Burger King in several years.  Crazy!  Yes, wonderful diet of mine.  I know.  Don't worry.  I eat other stuff, too.  :)
We decided not to find out what gender this baby is until the sweet thing makes his/her appearance.  I never thought I'd be one who could do that, but it hasn't been hard at all.  I almost caved when I had an ultrasound yesterday, and if Chandler had been there to tell me to find out then I may have.  I was strong, though, and told the technician to turn the screen where I couldn't see it while she did all of the measurements.  She turned it where I could see the face when she was done.  Baby was sucking his/her thumb and trying to hide from us.  :) 
Anyone who knows our history with naming babies knows that our having to come up with a boy name AND a girl name is going to be quite the undertaking.  Sure hope that hospital room has a whiteboard and Expo so we can narrow down our choices before they make us leave on day 4!  Doctor plans to schedule 3rd c-section for 39 weeks, or around Oct 22nd.  C came at 38 w 5 d and B at 38 w, though, so we'll see!

18 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

These little monkeys like posing each week, too.

I totally wish I could share Chandler's belly pics with you, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it to week 23. ;)

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