Thursday, January 20, 2011

Status Updates in the Kingdom

Facebook is wonderful. You can find out anything you want to know about anybody ~ sometimes not in a good way! It amazes me what some people will post on there. I mean, do people not realize that what they type is forever sealed on their digital "record" somewhere out there in cyberspace? Even if they delete it? Also, I'm not one to air my dirty laundry, but some people seem to enjoy it. What's the saying about not being a fool until you open your mouth?? Impressions you get about a person's character, personality, the things he/she finds important, can be drastically changed when you start reading their status updates. I mean, if you come across as the sweetest, kindest, most courteous person ever in real life, but then only post negative, rude, tearing-down statuses on facebook, I'm gonna think you're fake, and I'm gonna think you're rude, negative, and like tearing people down. Sorry, but your words have a greater lasting impact (on me, anyways) than your actions, especially if I don't really know you that well. I am not naive, either, because I realize that my words on this blog help you to see who I really am. Hopefully, I'm keeping it as real as I can ~ trying to take my cues from you, Erin. ;) Anyways, Facebook is still a great tool to connect people and to keep us up to date on those we care about so we can a) talk about them b) be jealous of them c) feel sorry for them d) roll your eyes at their post or e) minister to them. Let's be honest ~ we've all done every one of those things, haven't we? Not in some of my finer moments, but I am human and I still fight human reactions while reading Facebook posts! I have some friends I have blocked because I couldn't take another of their negative, "woe is me" posts. There are some I would like to block because they seem to use facebook as an outlet to tell the world how awesome they are. These perceptions are obviously MY issue to deal with. ;) WOW ~ I'm seeing a definite fasting from facebook needed in my future! Thank you, Frances, for being my inspiration! ;)

Regardless of your motives or judgements about status updates, I think it's important to realize that there is a greater opportunity for us to minister to others ~ to show them we care about them and to show them that there is a greater Love, the Love of God, no matter who they are or what their lot in life. Ain't technology grand? :) The last week or so, I've been burdened by quite a bit of things I've seen or read on status updates. Someone's two-year-old losing the battle with cancer. A sweet friend losing her mother. Friends with sick loved ones. Miscarriages. Friends with job troubles. Friends with their own health issues. Overall crappy, frustrating days. An abortion practitioner charged with killing babies with scissors after inducing premature labor (...shudder...). We are all faced with daily trials and sufferings. Some of us handle it better than others, but it really doesn't matter. We are humans, and we inhabit an earth that is not yet perfect, far from it.

Along with these disheartening status updates, I've been overwhelmed by some pretty awesome ones as well. A sweet friend bringing her baby boy HOME after 6 long months in the NICU. Healthy babies born. Birthdays celebrated. Marriages and proposals. Awesome recoveries from accidents that should have logically been fatal. Encouraging and loving words between friends. Glorifying praises and thought-provoking Bible verses. Y'all, there are some joyous occasions that we should CELEBRATE and give GLORY to GOD for! We should give an equal amount of praises for the bad, too, though. How hard is that? Pretty durn. Ha! We are called to fully rely on God and have faith in Him through EVERY circumstance, difficult as it may be. When times get tough (which I've been pretty fortunate and blessed lately to not have so many of those times), it is HARD to remember to praise HIM through the storm.

All of this about status updates had been flooding my mind, when I heard "I Can Only Imagine" on the radio in the car the other day. That song brings tears to my eyes everytime. Tears of JOY for what lies ahead for me! I can ONLY imagine! Anyways, I started thinking about what Heaven would be like. Is there going to be a Facebook in the Kingdom? (Don't laugh ~ just think about it.) So, we "update our status" every day, and what would it say? NOTHING negative. NO sickness to report. NO death. NO worries. NO woes. ONLY PRAISES!!! How awesome it THAT going to be?? In case you didn't truly grasp it the first time, I'll add some exclamation points. NOTHING negative! NO sickness! NO death! NO worries! NO woes! ONLY PRAISES!!!! Praises to the GOD who loves us SO much that He took on all of the burdens, heartaches, sins, punishments with His Son's death on an old rugged cross so that we may live forever in a Kingdom filled with GLORIOUS status updates! I don't know about you, but I can't wait to sing praises to my KING in Heaven one day! Whether through a "status update" or not! We shall see. :) Please don't miss out ~ that's one "friend request" you surely don't want to "ignore" or postpone responding to!


  1. Oh, Jamie! This is why i have to stop posting on FB, LOL! I've realized only those who truly know you for a long time can take all sides of you ha ha! :P You are wise to refrain! ...(but i still long to have that small group to just say whatever funny and they know where you're coming from :)...or that i'm about to kill my cat and they know i'm not REALLY going to kill the cat and that you just need some coffee :P. Was thinking of you today...You let me know when you are free to come over (okay i am horrible at planning so you just tell me---and come over in sweats)! Maybe we could do an afternoon...i have been wanting to sew a pillow or just pin one ha ha to start out. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit creative in my life :P I read this quickly but will come back and read when everyone is not talking to me :P

    Love you! Kat

  2. Yay! I love personal shout outs in a blog! Jamie, I have deleted and "hidden" so many people on my FB friends list strictly because of their on going negative comments. I refuse to believe that people have nothing good going on in their lives that all they have is bad news to report. Some people have lost sight of the fact that just waking up each day is something to be thankful for. Overlook the negativity and keep spreading positive vibes. You will be surprised how many people depend on other people's positive statuses and praise reports to let them know that life isn't all that bad. We are supposed to be the shining light of Christ and FB is a great place to spread some love and inspiration where it's needed!

  3. Amen sister. Thanks for keeping it real!! I love it! And yes, I have quite a few friends I deleted or have hidden on FB. I've had to get away from posting so much on there. But yes, it is a great place to reconnect and keep up with old friends and family! And I am sooooooooo ecstatic for Adrienne!!!!