Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bi-Bi-Bi Bi-Bi-Bi Big Apple Adventure!

Life with a 3-year-old (who asks you everyday when she's going to be 4) and a 1-year-old (who has a serious shoe fetish ~ ha) can really make you get behind on blogging. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. I just wish I was more diligent about keeping up with everything they do and say so I won't forget. Sadly, though, diligent I am not. :)

Summer is here in Mississippi, a whole month early. 100 degree temps at the beginning of June is serious heat, so we have resigned ourselves to the cool, 72 degrees of indoors. I have tried taking the kids outside, and even tried getting them to want to go swim in their kiddie pool, but they aren't stupid (don't tell Charlee I typed that word or I'll get in all kinds of trouble). It is TOO HOT, Momma! Well, okay then, we'll go inside. I was really hoping to get away from that huge pile of laundry, but whatever (again, don't tell her. this is apparantly a "bad word" too). We have made it through two days of VBS this week (Big Apple Adventure), and it has been leaps and bounds better than last year! I am still utterly exhausted by noon when we're dismissed, but somehow the full night's sleep that I'm getting this year seems to change my whole outlook on the next day. Thank you, Barrett, for finally sleeping through the night! It seems like such a long time that he's been doing it, but I still thank my lucky stars every day for (more) restful nights. Ha! Last year, Charlee kicked and screamed when I dropped her off in the nursery where the workers' kids were kept on the first day. She ended up joining me in my class for the rest of the week ~ our "mascot". :) She loved it, though, and it was so fun seeing her learn the dances and the songs throughout the week. This year, she cried the first day, but I left her anyways. I'm trying hard to not be the parent whose child expects her to always be the teacher in the class she's in, you know? I taught her AWANA class because they needed more workers, so I really don't want to start the habit. They've made a class out of the 3-year-olds who are workers' kids, so they go to music, do crafts, go to the playground, and even get to come to the worship rally. She has had such a blast! It helps that she knows all the kids in there with her. Yesterday, I brought my class into the worship rally and sat down. Five minutes later, I noticed that she was in there. She smiled at me and went back to singing. Talk about tears welling up! (I know, I know. Be forewarned: Here comes a cliche that I've rolled my eyes at other people saying millions of times.) My baby girl is growing up TOO FAST! I just knew she'd see me and have to run and come sit by me, but she was just fine without me. WAAAAHHHHH!!!! (Sigh...) I've always been fine with the big milestones in her life ~ starting daycare, moving up to "big girl" classes, preschool. I have never really understood the big deal and often thought I must be callus to not cry at these things when I hear about all of the other mommies who do. I'm pretty sure I'll end up being the blubbering fool who can't speak when kindergarten day one rolls around. HA!!

On to my sweet little, fiery-tempered, momma's boy. Oh, he is going to be trouble. His sly little smile is a foreshadow of all the ways he will make this momma stress in years to come. That's okay, though. I'm ready! He is quite a little tester of his limits. Charlee was never like that, and I'm reminded every day that all kids are not created equally! Ha! They can be night and day no matter what you do. I don't want you to think this boy is all bad, because he isn't. He is such a big sweetie who will give you open-mouthed, slobbery kisses, and who smiles at every person he passes. He's got a thing for waitresses, too, and will throw his sippy cup down at just the time that one passes by so she'll pick it up for him. Hands full with this one, I tell ya.

Both Charlee and Barrett love singing and dancing, mainly in the car. It is so stinkin' cute! I wish I could turn around and video them while I'm driving. For the longest time, Charlee's favorite song was "Never Let Go" by Matt Redman. I'm talking, for at least two years. It was the first song she ever sang, and she asks everyone she knows if they know that song. It's contemporary christian, so a lot of people don't have a clue what she's talking about because they've never heard it. (It's the "Ohhhhhhh NO, You Never Let Go" song) How proud she was when Barrett started saying, "Oh No" with her. :) Her first song to sing was his, too! Since we moved to Meridian, I have only really listened to KLove in the car, unless I turn on Pandora and hook my phone up. There aren't really a lot of radio station choices here. KLove hasn't been coming in very well lately, though, so I've been playing my iPod music. Charlee's NEW favorite song is an "oldie", but a goodie. :) "He Gave Her Water" by Acapella. She doesn't stand a chance of finding anyone that knows THAT song!! She loves it though. Barrett just rocks his head side to side along with her. :)

In other news: Garden planted, running ceased. Procrastinator in me says to wait for cooler weather to lace the shoes back up. Tight pants tell me I better get my booty back in gear and start sweating. We'll see who wins. :)

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  1. My kiddo is the SAME way about the word stupid as yours. They said it like twice on America's Got Talent last night and she gasped and got on to them! It's too funny!