Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So proud of my little fund-raiser! She came in third place this year at her school's St. Jude's week fundraiser. What an awesome cause that we could be a part of.

Just hanging out, enjoying our summer!

My pretty little baby is turning into a pretty, big girl.

Favorite hobby #1 ~ wearing Momma's shoes. Ha!

Favorite Hobby #2 ~ Standing on my head!

What a fun time we're having this summer! Later this week, we get to head out and see our cousins Reagan and Veronica at our Great-Grandma Jo Jo's house! And our momma is oh so excited to eat at her favorite restaurant in the universe ~ Dixie Pig! Mouth is watering already. :) Chop up the pig for us, and mix up the vinegar bbq sauce, cuz we are on our way! Yay!!!!

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