Thursday, August 9, 2012

Across the Pond.....The MOBILE Pond!

What better way to make up for a summer of sickness than to jam pack two vacations into two weeks?  Sounds perfectly reasonable, right?  That's how we roll here at the Castle house.  No vacations for two years, and then BAM!  Two of 'em back-to-back. :)

We ventured on down to Destin a couple of weeks ago and I was so blessed/ecstatic/overjoyed to be able to meet up with one of my very best friends and favorite families in the world while we were there.  SOOOO glad they drove 14 hours from Houston JUST to see us.  And, I'm sure the beach was a plus for them, too.  :)

I drove down with the kids a day before Chandler, and let me just tell you ~ that minivan sure does come in handy!  I'm starting to get used to it.  It's taken a hold of me.  I know, I know...

When we were driving over the bridge in Mobile, Charlee looked out her window and said, "Look, Barrett!  There's a pond on my side!"  She then looked on his side and said, "You have a pond, too!!"  I could totally hear the British accent she should have had while saying it!  Ha!  "Across the pond"

We got there a few days before Kim and fam, and Chandler was even able to come down for three days, so we got in some good family time full of yummy crab legs, grilled shrimp, sand, and surf.  A little bit of sunburn, too.  Oh ~ and caramel apples!  YUM!  We also met up with another sweet favorite family of mine from Meridian ~ the Shirleys.  :)  Then, we got to have a fun night at Chandler's Uncle Mike's where the kids played, swam, and had a blast.  We had a yummy dinner, then us grown ups played a fun game of cards where yours truly won.  That's right.  I'm a card shark.  Ha!  Totally kidding ~ more like LUCKY!  :)

The last time Charlee was at the beach (when she was 2), she hated going out in the water unless someone was holding her.  Said person could not venture too far out in the water where her feet got wet at all.  The sand was pretty annoying to her too.  Fast forward 2 years, and that girl was jumping waves, making castles, and filling her swim drawers up with sand.  Ha!  Barrett, on the other hand, is 2, and had the same reaction she had when she was his age.  By the end of the week, he was better, though.  Both of them still would rather be in the swimming pool, so they got some time in there as well. 

We enjoyed a couple of fun nights with Kim and fam at their condo and a day at the beach with them, but Barrett was sure to not leave the state without showing them how much of a two-year-old he could really be.  :P  Glad that they were good sports because he was being pretty terrible!  I'm pretty sure it was because he had been running on limited sleep and his daddy had left town, but he was seriously wearing me out.  He sure did miss Cade when we left and is still asking to go back and see him.  Too many miles between us...... :(  So very glad we got to see each other, though, and hope it's not so long before the next visit.  Love you, sweet friend.  :)

And now ~ pictures!

The Shirley and Castle kids :) 

Dressing up in Daddy's clothes 

Got to see sweet Allegra and her fam, too!

Have you ever tried to take a pic of three littles where they're all looking at the camera?  It's pretty much impossible.  They sure did a great job of sitting there for longer than 10 seconds, though!

Kim, Barry, and Cade :)

Miss you :)

Whoa ~ next beach trip will be with THREE littles!  Gonna need to invest in some leashes cuz we'll be totally outnumbered!!!

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