Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Castle Update

Three posts in a week?  Wow!  Pretty proud of myself.  :)

This one is devoted to Baby Castle and his/her expanding womb.  I'll be 29 weeks this Monday, so we're in the home stretch!  I'm up 35 lbs. and am pretty sure that baby takes up about 29 of those lbs.  That's possible, right?  Ha!  I really don't feel like I weigh that much, but my scale and doc's scale couldn't both be lying.  Oh well, not too worried about it.  50 lbs. is my norm.  Baby has been measuring right on with my dates, and at my next appointment my doc will schedule my c-section.  He plans for 39 weeks, so October 22 or 23.  Barrett came at 38 weeks, though, so we'll see!  Three little pumpkins should be gracing our house by Halloween! 

I took my gestational diabetes test last week and passed with flying colors, so that's good.  All those caramel apples at the beach were good practice for my body's insulin production.  :)  My blood sugar after drinking that "yummy" drink was 93.  Heartburn has been getting worse lately.  I take a Zantac every night, and am probably going to have to increase to the max 2 per day shortly.  Still only taking the regular and not max strength, though.  This baby seems to like the comfort of my bladder, or what's left of it, and has stayed on it most of the pregnancy.  This makes for fun nights of getting up every 2 hours. 

Usually, it's something else that has woken me up, though, like a 4-year-old who is too scared to sleep in her own bed.  :(  Somebody has become very scared of being by herself and says she can't go to sleep because she thinks about witches.  I have no idea where that comes from, but we've had the conversation numerous times that there is no such thing as witches and that God, Mommy, and Daddy are going to protect her.  She prays every night that God would help her to not think about witches and that she would be able to go to sleep very fast.  I can't help but remember when I was 6 or 7 and staying at my Grandma Jo's house when I had a terrible nightmare.  I remember it vividly ~ my mom brought home a sculpture/statue from work and it was basically a coffee mug tree, and on each hook there was a different colored glove.  When everyone went to sleep, the gloves came to life and attacked us all.  I'm sure there is some deep seeded meaning to that dream, but all I know is it scared the ever-living daylights out of me and I was haunted by it for months.  I went and woke my sweet GMJ in the middle of the night, and she came to lay down with me and taught me how to pray.  I'm not saying that no one had taught me to pray before then, I honestly don't remember.  I just know that that particular night stands out in my memory and always will.  She told me to ask God to "help us to dream about Him".  I still to this day say that prayer every night, and now my sweet Charlee Bell does too.  :)  Hopefully we'll get over the witches and start sleeping in our bed all night again before baby comes.  If not, maybe the late-night feedings will drive her back to her own room.  :)

Okay, back to Baby update.  Sorry for the side-tracked mind.  If you read my previous two posts, you know that we had two fun Florida trips recently.  What I didn't include ~ because I wanted to include it in a Baby post instead of a fun, vacation post ~ was that smack dab in between those trips, I landed myself in labor and delivery at the hospital for a "fun" Sunday morning.  We spent an exciting 14 hours at Disney World on Friday, flew home Saturday afternoon, and around 3 in the morning on Sunday I started having contractions.  They woke me up, and I got up, moved around, drank water, everything Google and What to Expect told me to do, and the only thing that was happening is they were getting stronger and closer together.  I have never had any preterm labor signs or even Braxton Hicks, so I was a little (okay, a lot) worried.  I was only 25 1/2 weeks!  Anyway, I woke Chandler up and we called the doc's on-call service.  They connected him to the hospital, where he proceeded to tell them I had been throwing up all night long.  Ummm....I only threw up once, and it was about an hour after contractions started.  Men.  Ha!  Anyway, my mom came over (thank goodness she lives close now) to stay with the sleeping babies, and we headed to the ER.  They admitted me, hooked me to monitors, did a couple of tests, and determined that I wasn't dehydrated, I wasn't dilating, and it must just be caused by a virus.  They hooked me to fluids and gave me a "fun" shot in the hip of phenergan (even though I wasn't nauseus anymore), and after about 4 hours the contractions finally went away.  I still had some sporadic ones over the next few days, but nothing consistent anymore since.  I am still not convinced that it was caused by a virus (I didn't feel at all like I had a virus ~ I think the vomiting was caused by the contractions and all the water I downed, but that's just me), and even though the test showed I wasn't dehydrated, I can't help but believe that the 14 hour day at Disney had something to do with it.  Oh well.  I'm good now, and hopefully we won't be back until THE day.  Luckily, I'm already all registered at the hospital now and won't have to do all that when I go in for delivery.  :)

Now for the belly pics!  There are a couple of weeks in there where I didn't take a picture.  One was the pink eye week and the other was the hospital week.  I'll try to do better this month.  :)

23 weeks

25 weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks

This week I'm leaning towards it being a boy, but boy names are the ones we are having the most difficulty with.  Who am I kidding.....we just have difficulty with names in general!  No doubt we'll be in the hospital on day 3 with name book, white board, and Expo.  :)

I also think it's a boy because I'm really hoping for a girl and that's just the way things usually work out.  I'm a third child (and obviously a girl), and my mom is third child and girl, so I just think it'd be kinda cool for my third to also be a girl.  We'll see!

10 more weeks!!!  (Or less)

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