Tuesday, October 9, 2012

37 weeks and growing!

UPDATE:  Baby's still in there.  :) 
37 weeks 1 day today, and not much change.  Still don't know gender, still no name, still enduring heartburn, still don't have everything prepared.  Poor third child.  Ha!  I'm actually going into super-nesting mode, followed by super-resting mode each day.  I want to do so much before this baby comes, but I have two little munchkins who add to my daily to-do list.  Wouldn't change it, though.  Well, maybe I'd change the sticky hands that touch all of the walls repeatedly.  Other than that, though, nothing.  Today, my goal is to get the pack n play set up in our room, baby's home for who knows how long.  Weight gain:  I'm not scared...I'll post it...Up 54 whopping pounds!
Barrett has been sleeping in his toddler bed (crib converted) for a few weeks now, and has been doing great!  He has, however, changed his wake-up time to the minute he see light peek through the edges of his blackout curtains.  Fun.  Already praying about how that will go down when daylight savings time ends in a month and the sun comes up an hour sooner!  Maybe he will just be so worn out from being super-sweet to his new baby all day every day that he'll go back to sleeping a little later.  A girl can dream.  :)  Still going back and forth on whether or not we will move him into Charlee's room.  What to do, what to do.
Charlee is doing better about sleeping all night in her room.  She does, however, have to fall asleep in our bed or on the couch and be carried into her bed before she'll sleep in there all night.  I chalk this up to me being too lazy to tackle this beast right now.  She is also my super-sensitive little girl who not only got scared when they talked about electricity at school, but also didn't care too much for the fire station visit.  Luckily, I was there with her for that.  She probably would have sobbed if I wasn't.  The firefighter dressed in his gear scared her (even though she saw him getting dressed and knew he was a normal person), the fire truck scared her, and I had to stand in the picture with her when all of the kids stood in front of the fire truck.  Only momma (fat and pregnant might I add) that had to stand in the picture with her kid.  It was an excellent opportunity (just like the electricity talk) to discuss with her what to do in an emergency, mainly how men dressed in uniforms are not scary, they are here to help us.  It also made me go get new smoke detectors and fire extinguisher which I've been meaning to do for quite some time. 
This past Saturday, we headed up to Oxford for a Castle family reunion.  I probably shouldn't have traveled that far this late, but doc hasn't told me I couldn't (I didn't really ask, either).  We had a great time visiting and eating, and my kids had a BLAST.  It was freezing, and of course I didn't dress them accordingly, but that didn't stop them.  We decided to stay in Tupelo for the night, and as soon as we got there and pulled up to get something to eat, Barrett coughed and then blew chunks all over himself, his carseat, the van.  We got him as cleaned up as we could, then headed to the hotel.  "Fun" night was had by all.  Mainly Barrett and me, although the other two will tell you they had a rough night too.  Yeah right.  Ha!  Oh the joys of having a husband with a weak stomach who is very little help at the sight of puke or poop.  Adding to the fun was the realization that I had completely under-packed.  We knew we would likely spend the night somewhere, but I didn't pack any extra shirts for myself.  I brought pants and that's it.  Not even pajamas.  Not quite sure what I was thinking.  I did get clothes for the kids, but Barrett blew through those in no time.  I also forgot nearly all toiletries.  Nice.  It was definitely a warning to me to go ahead and start packing the hospital bag so I don't forget anything!  No, I haven't done that yet.  Late third trimester, sick child with vomit and diarrhea, little supplies, and hotel room DO NOT mix.  There's your tip for the day.  Poor, poor hotel maids.  I did my best to not leave them too big of a mess.  At one point, around 2 in the morning, I had a thought that the only thing that would make the night more "fun" would be if I went into labor.  SO glad God's sense of humor didn't send us down THAT route that night.  Ha!  We washed everything at the hotel, including the carseat which was just gross, and headed back home the next morning.  My night of "fun" was compensated by a stop at Oby's in Starkville.  Mmmmm.  Barrett laid on my shoulder there, and quickly fell asleep in the car.  When we got home (about 3 pm), he went straight to bed and didn't get up until 7 the next morning!  20,000 hand washes later, I have (knock on wood) not gotten whatever he had (knock on wood a second time because that would just be terrible right now), and neither have Charlee or Chandler.  The nice part about it was being able to leave those germs behind in a hotel room.  Hopefully they used a lot of lysol to clean after us! 
And now, the belly shots....

35 weeks
36 weeks

37 weeks

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