Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A is for Art, B is for Barrett, C is for Charlee :)

First day of school
Charlee had an Art Show at school during "A" week.  She loves coloring, drawing, painting, anything artistic, so she was very proud of all of her creations.  So was I.  :)

For "B" week, we got to go on a fun field trip to the bowling alley!  This was Charlee's first time bowling, and I think she enjoyed it.  I'm drawing a blank on what they did for "C" week.  "D" week was Donuts with Dad where Chandler got to take her to school, have donuts, and they even played a little basketball.  Last week was "E" week, and a couple of workers from the power company came and talked to the class about electricity.  They brought a lift truck for the kids to see, but by this point my child was so scared that she wouldn't go out to see the truck and had to stay with Ms. Glenda, the school's director.  She told me later that electricity can fall on your house and if you touch it then you die.  She didn't want to go out to the truck and die.  Poor, sweet, innocent thing.  :(  We had a nice, long conversation about all of the ways that electricity helps us and why we shouldn't be scared of it, we just need to be careful with it.  I've never been so glad that I live in a neighborhood where power lines are underground, because I'm sure she would not have wanted to come anywhere near our house otherwise.  I don't think I'll have to ever worry about her sticking her finger in the electrical outlets.  This week is "F" week, so we are heading to the fire station on Thursday.  I'll be there with her this time, so I'm hoping that she won't get scared again.  When she's not getting scared, this girl is having a great time in her 4-year-old class!  I was a little worried about this year because her best friend wouldn't be at her school for the first time, but she's adapted well and loves going and learning.  Charlee is enjoying her new dance class this year and has also taken up soccer.  She had her third game this past weekend, and she scored her very first goal!  She was so excited.  So was her daddy, who had been a little worried that his girl would take after her momma and be non-aggressive.  :) 

This little guy likes going to soccer, too, because he gets to see this precious thing who says she is "gonna marry baet castle".  His mommy definitely approves.  :)

Barrett is in the 2-year-old class this year, and he is doing so much better than last year!  His teacher says he still likes to hit sometimes, but (fingers crossed) there has been no biting.  Praise the Lord!!!  Let's just hope that the new baby doesn't throw him out of remission!  Another praise:  Barrett's thyroid levels are supposed to be checked every 3-4 months because of the medicine he has been taking.  We started the medicine because his TSH level was "high".  According to his endocrinologist, though, the levels deemed "high" have been lowered and some kids actually have an okay number even though it registers as high.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Anyway, we headed on over to the ped's office a couple of weeks ago (a good month, maybe two past the time we were supposed to go) and had them draw blood to test his levels.  Torturous is all I'll say about that.  Two poked and prodded arms, busted capillaries, and several bruises later, I was told that they couldn't get enough blood to test his levels.  Lovely.  I won't say it was the lack of expertise of the lab tech..... I was too busy consoling my poor baby and assuring my sweet, concerned girl that he was okay to be as hot as I could have been.  Anyway, the next morning, our doctor called and said they actually got enough blood and were able to run the screen.  His TSH was now very low, too low, and it was causing his other thyroid level to be elevated.  He has been taking the lowest level of medicine, so she told us to stop giving him the meds until he goes back to the endo in December.  They'll test him again then (looking forward to THAT), and we'll go from there.  Sounds like he will be normal, though, and not have to take thyroid meds anymore ~ YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!  Potty training a boy....... that's all I'll say about that. 

This boy has gotten to go hang out with his daddy at the hunting camp a couple of times, and he has just loved it!  They were just getting things ready for hunting season, so he wasn't hunting or anything (well, maybe a hog or something).  He just loves riding the 4-wheeler, putting on his camo, and hanging out with Dad.  Last time, though, Dad didn't realize the importance of giving that boy plenty of sleep, and he came home and passed out on the kitchen tile!  He was rather ill when we tried to move him, talk to him, leave him there, anything.  He slept pretty good when he finally got in the bed, though!  Here he is at his friend Carson's bday party ~ Mater was there!

3 week countdown for baby Castle #3 begins!  Or sooner..... YIKES!

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