Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 of big girl panties, and so far no pee pee accidents and only one #2! Yay Charlee! She even went to school today and asked to use the potty twice. So stinkin' proud of her! Barrett and I went to Wal-Mart while she was at school and stocked up on candy and prizes for her to earn each day. How do you expect that candy to last under your roof for more than a day, Jamie? (some of you may ask) Well, I'm having tooth pain, and anything sweet intensifies that pain. I had a cavity filled two weeks ago and the pain has been coming and going ever since. I have to wait for an insurance estimate to get a crown put on it because the cavity was so bad. :( That's what I get for postponing dental work because of pregnancies and nursing. So, no candy for me. BOO!

Charlee put this hat on her Bubba...

2 years later and she still loves it... :) She climbed in all by herself and started jumping away!

Sweet babies...

A few weeks ago I read about a lady who celebrated her 38th birthday by committing 38 random acts of kindness, or RAOKs. She paid for the people behind her in the drive-thru, gave out gift cards at Target, took donuts and coffee to hospice workers, etc. It was very inspiring so I've decided to copycat her idea for my next birthday. Maybe it will help take the focus off of the fact that I'll be entering a new decade. :( Seriously, though, I love the idea of making my special day less about me and more about the One who has given me these 30 years. To thank Him, I plan on charting out 30 random acts and taking my family along for the ride! I've pretty much got an idea of what all I can do, but any suggestions are welcomed. I'm really going to have to get out of my comfort zone, but I'm VERY excited about it! Last week, I told Chandler about my idea (or, my copycat idea) and told him I couldn't wait until my birthday. He said, "Why do you have to wait until your birthday? You should do a kind act once a week or something." He's so smart. :) I didn't even think about that! So, I started praying for God to open my eyes to opportunities available to show love to others. I decided that I would get a $10 gift card when checking out at Wal-Mart and find someone to give it to. It was very intimidating! I gave the first gift card to a nice lady walking in as I was walking out last week. She was a bit confused about what I was giving her, but she ultimately thanked me. I was back at Wal-Mart today and got a gift card when checking out, but I had trouble finding someone. I made it all the way to my car when I saw a lady putting her groceries into a truck with "Habitat for Humanity" decals. I went over and gave her the card and told her that it was just a random act of kindness. She was very thankful and said she had many workers to feed so any little bit would help. There were a few other RAOKs last week, too. We're starting to think we may need to branch out to include RAOKs that don't involve money. :)


  1. Jamie, LOVE this idea (copycat or not!). I did something similar when my bookclub read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. If you haven't read the book you should consider it. Lots of RAOK ideas. Anyways, you will be amazed how the opportunities to do good things pops up just at the right time. Can't wait to find out what else you do!

    Bless you!
    Mandi Woodhead

  2. Love the post! You are such a kind, thoughtful person. ;)

    Suggestion #1: Come to Texas to visit Baby Cade and me! I frankly think that act is random and rather kind.

    And, I loved your last post, "This Little Light of Mine." It truly helped me realize how often we bite our tongue in order to blend in or avoid a confrontation when we're in all actuality not sticking up for what's right. I even did a little "name dropping" with your blog to Traci because it truly inspired me to think about the type of person I strive to be. Thanks!

    So, now that I've made that red head a little bigger, seriously ponder suggestion #1. :)

    Love you!

  3. Thanks, girls!

    Mandi, I will definitely look for the book! Thanks for the suggestion.

    Kim, you know I will be getting over there just as often as I can to see that sweet boy! You're making me sad, yet again, that I don't live as close as I once did. :( You are such a sweetheart for inflating my ego like that...HA!!! Love you and miss you!

    I guess y'all will know I responded on here....Is this like facebook? Will y'all get a notification or something? :)