Monday, July 12, 2010

To Do Lists

Okay, so ever since I started staying home I've had a to do list of about 50 things I've wanted to get done now that I have the time. About 30 sewing projects, decorate my house, read, start a garden, potty-train Charlee, volunteer, make baby food, start a blog, take more pictures, write a book, and many more. Who am I kidding? It seems like I have even LESS time than before! My everyday to do lists have turned into: dishes, laundry, change diapers, feed kids, laundry, bathe kids, dress kids, put kids to bed, wake up every two hours at night to console a kid. Ha!

It IS finally becoming easier to get things done since Barrett is getting a little less needy. He is starting to sleep better now that we have him on meds for silent reflux, so I'm not nearly as zombie-like during the day, which is a plus. I've been able to start the garden and have somewhat worked on decorating my house. We have almost been here a year and our attic is still full of boxes. Potty-training is going...well, it's going! And, now, I'm finally starting a blog to record my life at home with two of the sweetest babies in the world, Charlee and Barrett, my tiny Castles. :)

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