Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

One of Charlee's favorite songs is "This Little Light of Mine". She is quite the singer and loves the "hide it under a bushel...NO" part. :) She is so silly! When her daddy puts her to bed, that's the only part I can hear from the other room. It always makes me laugh. I'll work on recording her singing it to post on here. It's just TOO cute!

Hearing her favorite part of the song reminds me of all of the times I "hide my light under a bushel." Jesus is my light and too many times I hide that light to fit in with the crowd around me or simply because I'm too shy/scared/whatever to share the AWESOME gift I have been given from such an AMAZING and HOLY God! We all get into the grind of daily living and often forget about our purpose as Christians on this Earth. God wants us to let our lights SHINE for HIM, and who wouldn't want to after what He has done for us? I'm glad I have Charlee's daily reminder.

On a garden note.....
Garden ~ Week after Easter

Garden ~ Today

We enjoyed the fruits (or rather vegetables) of our labor a couple of days ago for the first time! Yes, our garden is a little slow in its production mainly because Chandler chose a somewhat shady location for the box. That's okay, though. Lesson learned for next year. I have never liked zucchini. I have never been willing to try it. (I'm a bit of a picky eater.) I picked the prettiest zucchini on Monday. (Forgot to take a picture of it, though.) I grew it so of course I've gotta try it out, right? We didn't have corn meal so we fried it up in some flour, eggs, and seasoning. It was YUMMY! Chandler claims corn meal would make it better, but I think I like it the way we made it. Charlee wouldn't have anything to do with it. Barrett probably would have, but I didn't give him any. Good thing I liked it because the plant is taking over the whole garden! Lesson #2 for next year.....give the zucchini squash LOTS of room to grow.

On a baby note.....

Lord help us ~ Barrett has become mobile! Ha! He's not crawling yet, but he rolls across the floor to get where he wants to go and he scoots all over the place. He doesn't like to sit up on his own, though. He's always gotta be moving those little legs. He'll be chasing his big sister around in no time. And I'll be chasing TWO!

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