Tuesday, August 31, 2010


WHAT??? Already??? When did my sweet little boy get so old? He's going to be chasing his sister around in no time. Wait, he already does that. GEEZ ~ I know it sounds trite, but where does the time go? What a life-changing difference your life can make in eight short months. Happy 8 months, big boy!! You've made my world brighter and better just as your big sister has!

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Elastic. Quite possibly the best invention known to woman. At least THIS woman, anyway! HA! I really wouldn't survive pregnancy (or postpartum, oh, say 7 or 8 months) without it. The thing about elastic is that it stretches. Think about it....what a miracle invention! :) At the beginning of the year, Chandler and I joined Northcrest Baptist Church here in Meridian. Around the same time, our pastor, Brother Danny, supplied our congregation with blue, elastic bracelets and challenged us to wear them as a reminder that God was going to stretch us individually as well as congregationally throughout the coming year. Let me tell you, that bracelet was a little tight and a tad uncomfortable at first. It reminded me of times when I have been faced with the possibility of change or growth. It's uncomfortable, right? And a bit tight because I think, "There is no way I can possibly fit anymore onto my plate right now." Funny thing happened, though. The more I wore the bracelet, the more it stretched out. Eventually, the thing stretched so much that I had to be careful that it didn't fall off when I was wearing it. Finally, it had stretched so much that it snapped one day. I can't even describe in words how God has stretched me, my family, and my church this year. It's UNREAL! God has been so busy at work in my heart lately and in the hearts of so many around me. I've still got a long way to go (don't we all?), but it is so refreshing and inspiring to see where God has brought me in just 8 short months. I am so incredibly thankful for a church home that is so on-fire, loving, supportive, and "stretchy"! Revival tonight at Northcrest, y'all. The Holy Spirit is sure to be there along with a healthy dose of "Radical Hospitality", as Dr. Dan Lanier would say! :)


  1. Love this! And I can't believe our babies are getting so big! Wait - they've been big!

  2. He is SOOOOOoo cute, Jamie...you have some juicy babies! I enjoyed the elastic analogy...very neat.

    And i've got another word for this year... STRETCH MARKS. At least for me, proof that i've been stretched :). the spiritual stretching turn into muscles, but the body stretchin' just looks ugly hee hee hee :P!

  3. I know, Judith! Can you believe it? Yes, they've always been little linebackers. ;)

    Kat, you are too funny!! Didn't even think about stretch marks, but also VERY appropriate!! Haha! Thanks for making me laugh. :)