Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Acts of God's Love

This kid is chasing toys all over this hardwood floor! I've always been so worried about having a baby learn to crawl on wood floors, but it hasn't bothered him one bit. I have a big quilt I lay down, but he always goes straight for the bare floor. I guess the quilt just gets in his way. He is such a little stinker! Good thing I bought some new running shoes because I have a feeling I'll be chasing him from here on out! He hasn't quit moving his legs since he was born, so once he figures out how to use those little (okay, chunky) legs to get somewhere, LOOK OUT!

Charlee Bug started her second year of preschool today. She is so happy to be back! There are a few of the same friends from last year in her class, and a new set as well. My letting her run around naked the other day didn't pan out so well. :( She went into the bathroom (progress, right?) and did her business.....on the floor. Not nice. Do kids just finally decide that they want to go in the potty? I mean, #1 hasn't been an issue AT ALL. She transitioned with barely any accidents. I can't seem to motivate her with anything for #2, though. I know it will happen eventually. I mean, surely I won't be cleaning up poopy panties when she's 14, huh? Ha!

I had a revelation today. I was thinking of ideas for making up cards to include with my RAOKs (thanks for the suggestions, Erin and Michelle!). I know I don't want to just make it about acts of "kindness". I really want to incorporate God's love into them somehow. Sooooooo, I decided that I will change the name to Random Acts of God's Love! (I'm pretty sure I am probably not the original creator of that phrase, but I'm going to use it anyway. Shhhh! Don't tell them! Ha!) My next project is to tape a baggy with quarters and a RAOGL :) card to vending machines and inside laundry mats. We have a jar in the laundry room that has been collecting coins from pockets for years, so I now have a use for all of that change. And it's not like I'll miss the money since it's been sitting for so long. Chandler obviously doesn't miss it since he doesn't ever bother to check his pockets before putting pants in the washer. That's another story, though. ;)

I finished Radical a few nights ago. It's a book by David Platt, a megachurch pastor in Birmingham, Alabama. I don't know if I would call it awesome, only because that seems like a word to describe a "feel good" book. It really makes you question your cush American life and the materialism that envelops it. It's definitely not a "feel good" book, but it is probably one of the most inspirational, challenging, throw-it-in-your-face books I've ever read. The beginning of the book had me feeling completely incompetent as a Christian. I felt like I had completely and utterly gotten everything in my life wrong and was leading myself in the wrong direction. I mean, who ever thought of the American Dream as being bad? I threw in a little prayer now and then, and may have done a devotional when I could find the time. I even did nice things for people. I counted my blessings and tithed. None of it seemed like enough or seemed like I was worthy enough to be called a Christian when I started reading this book. I have always been a sinner and my actions will always fall short of the Glory of God, but an AMAZING redeemer saved my soul from the fiery depths of HELL! And I've been sitting around barely finding the time to obey him. I tell you, I was DEPRESSED and MAD at myself the first few days of the book. Luckily, I have a pretty awesome Sunday School teacher (yes, they call it plain, old fashioned Sunday School here in Mississippi ;) ) who reminded me of Romans 5:19 in class the next Sunday after I began the book.

For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous. Romans 5:19

Oh yeah. I almost forgot! Jesus made me righteous! No matter what I do, no matter what I don't do. How amazing is that? Pretty amazing, I'd say. I REALLY needed to be reminded of that on that particular Sunday. What did I get from it? Sit back and go back to living my cush lifestyle and chase the American dream once again since I've already been saved? OH NO! I know that one day I will stand before God and he will ask me what I did to build his kingdom. He will also ask me what I did with the abundance of blessings he bestowed upon me. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to EVER be able to answer either of those questions with my head held high. Jesus has filled my heart, though, and His spirit leads me to WANT to do all I can to listen to and obey His will for my life. Please don't judge me when I mess up, though. :) I'm bound to do that, you know. (Thanks a lot, Adam and Eve!!) Ha!

I've got lots more to say about Radical and my year-long commitment to the Radical Experiment, so stay tuned!


  1. Well snap, i just wrote you a comment and walked away and it's gone. I hope i haven't left it twice! :)

    LOL about them still being called SS here in Mississippi! Yep, we keep it glorified growth groups or community builders, we take you right back to another time and another place LOL! :P

    Can't wait to hear more on Radical...i'm stayin' tuned!

    I love the name Charlee Bug! :) And those cute lil' fat legs were meant for squeezin'!!! :) PRESH!

    I love hearing snippets from Wade! He always brings it home doesn't he? :) Weird, b/c just last week i was reading thru Romans and highlighted that vs. and was meditating on that passage. The thing that really struck me...shortly after that verse it says "that the free gift is not like the offense". Christ is so much better than Adam, and we have NO IDEA what awaits us all b/c of our glorious and magnificent Savior!!! We TESTIFY and KNOW that death, pain, and sorrow are real from the curse (God says what he means) and yes, thanks Adam, but WHOA what's to come (God says what He means when He promises a new thing!)...we are going to glory and rejoice when we fully realize what He has prepared for those who are in Christ!

    I love your blog girl, and i love hearing more of your heart for's awesome and truly encourages me! :)

  2. oh, p.s. I got off topic with my second comment I tried to post :P.

    Just wanted to say, that I have to constantly remind myself that it's not about my works or me too! That it's all about's all about His grace to me~ in me, that He might receive the glory! And it's the grace that labors in me, as Paul says. Ugh, i'm having a bad, can't say what i mean comment day, oh well...please forgive your inarticulate friend! :P

  3. We tried different 'rewards' for #2. Finally, it was skittles that did the trick. That and the almost to the day Sydney turned 3 did it work! We have finally gotten the staying dry all night thing. No more diapers or pull-ups for us. Kinda sad! And yes, potty training is one of the most trying times for a parent, no matter what any of them say!

    Your welcome for the comment. Still trying to contemplate my RAOGL will be!

  4. Kat, well said, well said! I didn't think it was inarticulate at all. :) Hope we can hang out again sometime soon. I need some more refreshment from our conversations. Are you going to MOPS kickoff next week? Hope to see you there!

    Erin, I've been rewarding her with candy for #1 and told her I had a surprise for her when she goes #2. I bought her a tinkerbell ball and show it to her occasionally to remind her. This week I've started going in there with her a couple of times a day and reading a book with her. Hasn't worked yet. She is dry every morning when she wakes up, and has been that way for months. Luckily, we shouldn't have to tackle that beast, so we should be good once we get over this current hurdle (fingers crossed). It looks like it's gonna take a while, though!